About Us

Hey there! Welcome to Our Game Table. You are on our About us page because you clearly would like to know what we are all about. Let’s dive in and tell you all about us. It won’t take long, I promise!

My name is Bob Snook, and I started this blog many years ago as a side hobby. As the blog began to grow I needed help keeping up with it and I reached out to two of my closest friends, Garry and Joel and it has blossomed from there. Now, we recently trimmed the fat and got rid of a lot of the articles that were outdated or really didn’t help you when it came to table games. So, what you find on the site now is the best information that we have for you and we will continue to put you first when we write the articles in the future.

My story with table games begins in the 1980’s when I was a kid and my Dad came to brothers and I and asked what kind of game did we want in the game room. I excitably yelled “air hockey”, my passion in life by the way, but I was out numbered and we ended up with a pool table. The cool thing was Dad upgraded and bought the ping pong add on, which meant magically the pool table became a ping pong table.

I sucked at pool, still do to this day. But, my brothers and friends knew how to play and would play all the time. Whenever I would talk my brothers into a ping pong game, they would whip my ass, bad! Lucky for me, dad bought the ping pong table that you could swing the one end up and play by yourself and that is what I did for hours and hours.

I got better and better and would beat my brothers and their friends about 80% of the time. Now, I was no Guo Yuehua or Cai Zhenhua but I was pretty good for a kid, at least I though so.

In middle school I joined the table tennis league, it really was a ping pong club and that is where I met Joel. Joel and I became best friends and we also got really good at ping pong. Joel and I actually won a state tournament not once but twice.

When we got to high school there was no ping pong club and my playing days dropped off because my dad had added to the game room when he bought a shuffleboard. Joel and I would play shuffleboard all the time instead of ping pong and he was very passionate with shuffleboard and got really good at it. I however, had found air hockey, and would spend hours at the arcade playing anyone that would challenge me.

When I went to college I ended up meeting Garry and we both ended up joining the ping pong club. I made a lot of new friends and had a great time with the ping pong club. But, right off the room where we played ping pong was a room that held the holly grail…… a air hockey machine. I would play my tournaments of ping pong and then be on the air hockey machine for hours. Thinking back on it I have no idea how I graduated college, I constantly had a striker (air hockey paddle) in one hand and a beer in the other. Alright back to the story… Garry, on the other hand, was the master of foosball and no one, I mean no one, could beat him. I would play him for amusement just to see how bad I would lose. Garry would do the same with me when we played air hockey so, it all worked out.

After college I never played ping pong competitively again and I became more passionate about air hockey, and also bubble hockey. Bubble hockey is kind of like foosball where you control the players rods but in bubble hockey the figures with hockey sticks and you try and put the puck in the net. The whole game table is covered with a plastic bubble. Oh and there is a really cool electric scoreboard inside. Anyhow, I never turn down an opportunity to play someone in ping pong whenever the opportunity presents itself. A matter of fact I never turn down anyone that wants to play any of the table games.

Now a days my game room is full of these table games and my kids and their friends get to enjoy them as much as my friends and I do. Listen, some of the games that happen in the game room get really intense. I am sure that it is the same for you. That’s probably why you ended up here in the first place, looking for an advantage over your competition, either by tips and tricks or better equipment. I hope we are able to help you at least a little bit.

I promise I am wrapping this up… I started Our Game Table because people kept coming to me with questions like, what’s the best ping pong table to buy? What is the rules of air hockey? Where can I find the cheapest cue sticks? etc… You would think that I would know all the right answers, I don’t. Sometimes I had to research them and found that there really is not a lot of good resources out there. Another thought that just popped into my head, the other problem is when some would ask me about the best product to buy, it is hard to answer, because when it comes to choosing a game table or its accessories there is no one correct answer, everyone has a different taste.

The one day I thought to myself; “Self, you know there should be a site where I can share all this information you have in your head with everyone” and so it goes, Our Game Table was born. Now, when I originally started this website, I just wrote about air hockey and ping pong but then realized that all the table games needed a website like this so, I naturally reached out to Garry and Joel for their expertise and they agreed to come on board. My hope or should I say our hope, is that we help you with whatever question you have about one of the table games and become your go to website for those answers.

Thanks for reading and we will see you on the inside.